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Backward Classes & Minorities


            Karnataka Government established Backward Classes and Minorities Dept, in the year 1997 to implement various Developmental Schemes for the welfare of people belonging to the Backward Classes and Minorities. A Special reservation is provided for these people in education and employment as per the article 15(4) and 16(4) of the Constitution.

Aims and Objectives:

            The Department mainly aimed at Development of Backward Classes and Minority people both in Education and Economical activities and monitor the Reservation Policy under Article 15(4) and 16(4) of the Constitution and implement various schemes. The details of some of the schemes are as follows.

Programmes & Schemes:

1.     Providing Hostel Facility to Students:-

In this District there are 59 pre-metric and 40 post-metric hostels for Backward Classes runned by this Department. The total strength of students in these hostels is 6815. Students will get free Boarding and Lodging for their Academic Year. They should be Backward Classes Students should be Studying in V to X standard for Pre-metric Hostels & Post-metric Courses for Post-metric Hostels.

Annual Income For hostel Admission











2.     Ashrama School:-

There are 09 Ashrama Schools running in this District. This School is meant for category-1 students, Total sanctioned strength is 275. Here also the students will get free Boarding and Lodging facility for 10 months in a year.


3.     Morarji Desai Residential Schools:-

There are 06 M.D.R.S. for Backward Classes and 02 M.D.R.S. for Minorities. The strength of schools are 1500 and 500 respectively. Here free residential education is giving to the students from 6th std. to 10th std.


4.     Grant in Aid Hostels:-

There are 08 pre-metric and 03 post-metric private hostels are functioning in the District. The strength of these are 382 and 125 students respectively. These hostels are run by Private Management. The Government will give grants for Rs.500/- for pre metric students per month and Rs.600/-for post metric students per month respectively for 10 months.


5.     Private Aided Orphanages:-

There are 10 Orphanges functioning in the District. The sanctioned strength is 3476. These Institutions are run by Private Managements Admission will be given to the students studying 1st std. to 10th std. Grant of Rs.500/- per student per month will be given for 10 months in a year.

6.     Pre-metric and Post-metric Scholarship and Food & Accomadation Scheme:-

A.    1. State Sector Scholarship

1.     Pre-metric Scholarship

                                                                                    Boys              Girls

1.     5th std. to 7th std. students yearly            -           250/-                        250/-

2.     8th std. to 10th std. students yearly -       500/-                        600/-


Vidyasiri Scheme:

i)     Food & Accomadation Scheme:~

The students who are studying in different post-metric courses who have not got admission to the post-metric hostels, such students will get monthly Rs.1500/- for 10 months. Based on merit Sanctioned amount will be credited to respective students bank account through e-pass DBT.


ii)  Post-metric Scholarship:~

The students who are studying in different post-metric courses will get scholarship based on merit secured in the previous examination subject to availability of funds.

Applications are invited through online. Sanctioned amount will be credited to the respective students bank account through e-pass DBT.


Rate of Scholarship:

Group-A             Rs.350/- per month for 10 months

Group-B             Rs.335/- per month for 10 months

Group-C             Rs.210/- per month for 10 months

Group-D                        Rs.160/- per month for 10 months


7.     Fee Concession Programmes:

Students whose Annual Income is 1.0 lakh /- and below are sanctioning Tution, Laboratory, Examination, Sports & Library Fees. Fee Concession for category I students whose annual income is 2.50 lakh below, such students   will be sanctioned as above. Applications are invited through online, from the students of post-metric of various courses. Sanctioned amount will be credited through Epass DBT

More Information:




·        Examination fees

·        Tution fees

·        Laboratory fees

·        Sports & Library fees

·        Examination fees

·        Tution fees

·        Laboratory fees

·        Sports & Library fees


Below 2.5 lakh Annual Income

Below 1lakh Annual Income



8.     Skill Development Programme:

In this scheme unemployed woman belonging to the Backward Classes, Training will be given varying from 3 months to 1 year for different computer courses. The Training Expenditure will be bourned by the Government. During the training period, the trainees will get Rs.500/- monthly stipend. The Minority Community concerned both Men/Women are also eligible. For these communities training will be conducting separately.





9.     Nursing Training Programme:

The Backward Classes students studying B.Sc. Nursing, GNM and Paramedical courses will be getting following fees in the respective academic years.



B.Sc. Nursing








I Year Rs.750/-

II Year Rs.750/-

I Year Rs.500/-

II Year Rs.500/-


Phychiatric Clinical Expendure




Tution Fee





Rs.1000/- per month

Rs.1000/- per month



10.                       Tailoring Training Centers:

There are 02 Tailoring training Centers functioning in the District with a sanctioned strength 40. Eligible woman candidates belonging to Backward Classes are selected by the taluk Committee. They will be get Rs.300/- Stipend monthly and after training examinations will be conducted. Passed beneficiaries will get one Tailoring machine at free of Cost, along with Certificate. The Course of the training period is 12 months.


11.                       Stipends to Law Graduates:

Backward Classes Law Degree holders registered in Bar Council will be selected through District Level Committee, selected candidates will get Stipend of Rs.1000/- per month a period of 4 years. Each year 10 candidates will be selected.


12.                       Construction of Community Hall/Hostels to Backward Classes:

Registered Organisation/ Voluntary Organisation/ Trustees are eligible  Communities belonging to the Cat 2A, 3A & 3B.

The following grants are given as mentioned below.


Name of the Places

Maximum Grants


Town Panchayat/ Gram Panchayat

Rs.10.00 Lakh


Taluk Head Quarters

Rs.25.00 Lakh


District Head Quarters

Rs.50.00 Lakh


13.                       Nomadic/ Semi Nomadic Development Programmes:

Following Schemes are implement for the Upliftment of NT/SNT Communities.

Gollarahatti Abhivruddi.

House Construction (Through Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation)

Woman Community Hall (Mahila Bhavan)

Prestigious School Admission.



Department Administrative Structure:

1.     State Level


Commissioner I.A.S

Additional Director
JD(Hostel)                                           J D (Admin)                       J D (NT/SNT)    
D D (Admin)                                     DD (H)                        DD (NT/SNT)

                                                            A D (Admin)                               A D (Hostel)                                A D (NT/SNT)

  Assistant Director (Co-Ordination)



2.     District Level.

Details of public information officer and assistant public information officers under RTI.


Sl. No.

Name of the Official/ Officer Sri/Smt


District/Tauk/ Hobali/Grama Panchayath

Landline Phone No.

Mobile No.


Smt. R. Rama

Public Information Officer, District Backward Classes & Minorities Officer.


0816- 2278014



K. Mallikarjunaiah

Assistant Public Information Officer, Office Superintendent


0816- 2278014


Taluk  Level officers



Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.


0816- 2251736



Sayeeda Mamtaz Banu

Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.





Somashekara Gowda

Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.







Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.





Jayasimha Rao

Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.





Vanamala Bhomkar

Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.






Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.





Sayeeda Mamtaz Banu

Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.






Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.






Public Information Officer & Extension Officer.


08136- 244237



Karnataka Govt. Implementing following Schemes through the Dept.

1.                 Providing Hostel Facility.

2.                 Ashrama School Facility for cat-1 students.

3.                 M.D.R.S. Schools.

4.                 Tailoring Training Centers.

5.                 Scholarships Programmes/ Food & Accomadation Scheme.

6.                 Skill development Programmes.

7.                 Grants for construction of Community Hall.

8.                 Nomadic/ Semi Nomadic Welfare Programmes.

9.                 Training for KAS/IAS Competitive Exams etc.

10.                       Nursing Training Programme

11.                       Stipends to Law Graduates

12.                       Fee Concession Programme

13.                       Providing grants for Private Hostels

14.                       Providing grants for Private Orphanages


Minorities Scheme



         With an objective of “Empowerment Through Education”. Government of India is implementing scholarship schemes of pre-matric, post-matric and   merit-cum-means scholarship to encourage parents & enable the students to pursue education. These schemes with the same guidelines are extended/implemented by Government of Karnataka also by providing scholarship to those students who donot get scholarship from Government of India for all minority communities. Government of Karnataka has initiated a new scheme of pre-matric & post-matric scholarship for Jain community also.


 Pre-Matric Scholarship

         Pre-Matric Scholarship for Minorities

         Pre-Matric Scholarship for Jain


 Post-Matric Scholarship

·        Post-Matric Scholarship for Minorities

·        Post-Matric Scholarship for Jain

·        Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship



         • Pre-Matric Hostels

         • Post-Matric Hostels



1. Pre-Matric Hostels

         To facilitate quality education and to achieve Compulsory primary education 01 pre-matric boys hostels & 2 girls hostels are

functioning under this Department with 150 student beneficiaries/ inmates.

The following facilities are provided in these hostels.

                       •           Students studying from 5th to 10th Std are eligible to get admission.

                       •           Food charges at the rate of Rs. 900/- will be provided for 10 months.

                       •           Free accommodation.

                       •           Two pairs of Uniforms.

                       •           Rs. 200/- for text books & stationary.

                       •           Rs. 300/- for bed sheets once in 3 years.

                       •           Medical Charges, Hair cut charges for boys.

                       •           Rs. 500/- monthly will be paid to 3 part-time teachers in each hostel.

                      Premetric Boys Hostel, Turuvekere town.

1)   Premetric Girls Hostel, Sira town.

2)   Premetric Girls Hostel, Pavagada town


2. Post-Matric Hostels

         To facilitate higher education 01 boys & 01 girls hostels are functioning with 125 students under this minority department.

These beneficiaries are provided the following facilities.

                       •           Minority students studying in PUC, Degree & Post graduation Courses & equivalent courses are eligible to get admission.

                       •           Food charges at the rate of Rs. 1000/- per month for ten months.

                       •           Free Accommodation.

                       •           Provision of medical & library Facilities.

1)   Postmetric boys hostel, Tumakuru town.

2)   Postmetric girls hostel, Tumakuru town.

 3. Grant in aid Hostel

         St.mary’s girls GIA Tumakuru


Construction of Shaadi Mahals/Community Halls

         To encourage & promote cultural activities & collective community benefits financial Assistance for construction of Shaadimahals/Community halls will be sanctioned to Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh & Parsi organizations at the rate of one crore at district head quarters and Rs. 50.00 lakhs in other places to each building.


Skill Development Programmes (Koushalya)


         In order to make the unemployed minorities youths to get into jobs and to achieve self reliance in their life various training programmes are conducted depending on their education levels. Important trainings given are computer training.

                •      The annual income limit is Rs. 2.00 lakhs.

                •      The Age limit is 18 to 35 Years.




 Pre-Examination training for competitive examinations (IAS / KAS / CET / Police training)


Pre-Examination training for competitive examinations

         Taking into consideration of competitive examinations conducted by UPSC/KPSC, PU Board (CET), Police recruitment and other examination authorities the Government of Karnataka has taken up the pre-examination training programme through prestigious institutions.

Conditions for eligibility are as below.

                 •     Annual income should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakh.

                 •     Minimum age limit 21 years and maximum age limit prescribed by the authority.

                 •     The training fee and stipend of the selected candidates will be sanctioned/released by the department.


Bidaai (Shadi Scheme)


Bidaai Scheme for financial assistance to the poor minority women/divorcees and widows belonging to Muslim, Christian, Jain,

Buddhist and Parsi community of the state for their marriage purpose

         As per the Government order No. MWD 533 MDS 2013, dated 13.11.2013 the bidaai scheme is being implemented to dole out Rs. 50000/- to the poor muslim, jain, Christian, Buddhist, Sikhs & parsi women/divorcees and widows at the time of marriage for purchasing essential commodities.


Christian Development Program


         Government of Karnataka has considered the Christian Community as Minority community in Karnataka state. As per 2001 census the Christian population is 10.09 lakhs. As per section 15 (4) and 16 (4) of constitution of India they are classified into 3 “B” categories to get benefit under Education, Employment, Reservations and other Social and Economical development. In this line of development the Government of Karnataka has implemented numerous schemes for the development of Christian community, out of these schemes the following schemes such as providing financial assistance for the Construction of Community Halls, Repairs and Renovation of Churches, Providing various Trainings under Skill Development Programmes, and also providing scholarships and incentives to Christian students through the Directorate of Minorities.


5. GNM and BSC Nursing Training

         The students who are under GNM and BSC Nursing training are provided with training fees and stipend during training period by the Minority Department.

                       • Each student is paid Rs.9000 as training and course expenses per annum.

                       •           A monthly stipend of Rs.1000 per candidate is also paid by the Department.

                       •           During training period Uniform fee and cost of Books will be paid as per the norms, by the Department.

                       •           The attendance of the student at the training centre should have more than 75%.


6. Incentives to Christian Minority Students

         In order to encourage the Christian minority students to continue their studies, incentives are given to PUC, Degree and PG students based on their marks scored in the previous year exams. The incentive amount of Rs.3000/- per annum is given for the students who have passed SSLC and taken admission in PUC, Rs.4000/- per annum for those who have passed PUC and taken admission in Degree and Rs.5000/- per annum for those who have passed Degree and got admission to PG courses.           

Incentive for Minority Students

         In order to encourage the minority students to continue their studies incentives are given to PUC, Degree and PG students based on their marks scored in the previous year. The rate of incentives is Rs. 3000/- for the students who have passed SSLC and taken admission in PUC, Rs. 4000/- for those who have passed PUC and taken admission in degree and Rs. 5000/- for those who have passed degree and got admission to PG courses. Students who are interested to apply respective principals in the prescribed application. Calling of application during july and august in each year.

Information Center


Information centre is started to create awareness about the programmes for the welfare of minorities across the state

         As per the Government order No. MWD 400 MDS 2013 dated: 07.09.2013 the information centres in every district head quarters and also in Directorate of Minorities will be created and awareness programmes are taken up by organising workshops at taluka level.

·        More Information




At the District level the Department functioning under Zilla Panchayath with Administrative Control of Chief Executive Officer. One District level office is situated in each district. District Officer is Head of the Office and implementing all the Programme with supporting staff. At Taluk Level Backward Classes Extension Officers are implementing the Departmental Schemes.



District Office Address:

The District Officer for Backward Classes & Minorities Department.

D.C.Office Compound,

Near Mini Vidhana Soudha,


phone: - 0816-2278014